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Six Ways to Re-open Safer


It's unvoidable, and we all know it. Yoga studios are going to re-open, however re-opening must be safer and smarter after COVID-19. We are aware that things will have to change. See our article on the 6 major changes we believe will impact the longevity of all yoga studios.

For many studio owners "How to re-open safer" can be overwhelming. Let's simplify the process by exploring six ways to re-open safer.

1. Arrival Protocol

Once a student walks in the door, you need to have very clear safety steps.

  • Take the temperature of each student, this is a good initial screening to keep your community safe.
  • Ask basic screening questions (follow CDC Guidelines).
  • Make sure students are wearing masks and maintian social distance.
  • Re-measure and delineate mat locations in the room {You may want to assign a number to each mat location} or use the Karmasoft Spot reservation feature.
  • Students should enter the room one at a time to an assigned spot in the room.
  • Have hand sanitizer at the ready.

2. Pre-Booking

  • Make sure to embed your class schedule and store it on your website.
  • Student pre-book all classes online. No more drop-ins.
  • Edit your disclaimer/waiver to reflect your COVID Policies.
  • Create a form with CDC Screening questions that get sent on the booking confirmation.

3. Keep it Clean

  • Get rid of your rental mats. No more towel rentals.
  • Remove blocks/straps and other props.
  • No more hands-on adjustments.
  • Take a look at your floor/walls and shelving inside the yoga room and disinfect it properly.

4. Own your Spot

  • Once in the room, students should stay on their mats. No ins and outs.
  • Manage and understand the enter-and-exit flow of your room.

5. Handle-less

  • Close all common space beside the yoga room. No Showers/Bathroom/Changing Room.
  • Make sure students are not touching door handles.
  • Keep all doors open to encourage "No Touching".

6. Multiple Revenue Stream

Your class capacity will be reduced; you may need more space. Now is a good time to re-think your rates and revenue channels.

  • Avoid sharing your revenue in exchange for marketing. ClassPass/Groupon will just hurt your business.
  • Do not limit your studio to just in-person classes.
  • Stream your in-person classes on Zoom.
  • Start a video library.