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Online Booking

With Karmasoft your customers and millions of users can book your classes and events online.

  • Embed you class schedule, store, videos and instructor bios easily onto your website, then enjoy real-time updates.
  • Use our free mobile app for iPhone and Android, so your customers can book classes/workshops and pay on-the-go.
  • Post your schedule and booking tabs directly on your Facebook business page.

On Your Website

Customers can access your live class schedule, videos, store and instructor bios easily on any device.

On Mobile Devices

Students can use our free mobile app for iPhone and Android to book classes and pay for products anytime, anywhere.

On Social Media

Your classes can be booked directly from your Facebook business page.

Streaming, On-Demand and In-Studio

Rev up growth with streaming, on-demand and in-studio classes all integrated within one platform.

  • Simply upload your recorded classes into Karmasoft to create a monetizable library of videos.
  • Sell series, class cards, and memberships by class type.
  • Integrate Karmasoft with Zoom or other streaming services.
  • Improve cashflow and business resilience with multiple revenue sources.

Live Stream

We will automatically create your Zoom meetings and share them with your students. We make it easy for your staff to start the meeting from within Karmasoft. Don't use Zoom? Use other online streaming providers too.


Record and upload your video resources. You can quickly and easily monetize your recorded classes. Create membership packages that can be used for live stream / on-demand and in-studio classes.


Control attendance with in-studio classes, track and communicate with your students with a simple click or send targeted emails based on dynamic critera. We make it easy to keep in touch with your students.

Sales and Credit Card Processing

Our integrated point of sale (POS) helps you manage your studio, increase your profits, and be more productive with less effort.

  • Build your online store in seconds, so you can start selling immediately.
  • Sell products, workshops, classes and memberships online.
  • Integrate payment processing for both online and in-studio purchases.
  • Accept all payment types.
  • Setup recurring billing quickly and easily.

Online Store

Customers can purchase your classes, memberships, and products from any device—on Facebook, from the Karmasoft app, and on your website.

Merchant Account

Karmasoft enables fully integrated payment processing, so you can keep in-studio, website, and in-app payments in one place.

Recurring Billing

Increase your monthly cash flow using flexible recurring billing with direct payment.

Staff Schedules & Payroll

Our customized portals for teachers and staff make it simple to manage calendars, find subs, view work history, and book students into class.

  • Manage staff assignments and substitutions.
  • Manage class substitution requests within your email.
  • Store and calculate employee payroll.
  • Customize the portal for teachers and staff.
  • View and manage teacher schedules.

Automate staff scheduling and subtitutions

Use streamlined and integrated solutions to take your studio to the next level.

Create exportable payroll reports

Customize payroll reports to view data per class rate, per client rate, by hourly rate, or any other combination. Flexible reports allow you to assign class bonuses or adjust rates based on the class and generate payroll reports with ease.

Manage staff assignments and subs

Manage class substitution requests all within your email. Find coverage for a class, confirm instructor availability, and update your schedule without juggling multiple screens.

Set roles and permissions

Use predefined roles and permissions to assign a unique login to each employee, making sure your staff have access to only the right information.

Marketing and Surveys

Karmasoft includes the best marketing tools to grow your customer base, simplify your day-to-day operations, and increase your profit margin.

  • Convert every marketing report into an email campaign.
  • Automate social media posts, email campaigns, and SMS.
  • Create customized email templates with signature capture.
  • Promote special offers to specific customers.
  • List events and deals you created in Karmasoft on your website.

All your marketing tools in one place

Use Karmasoft’s marketing tools to build your brand, get new customers, and fill every class.

Post special offers on your website

With KarmaDeals, create promotional offers for customers who bought specific packages and set your discount rate to help fill classes with low attendance.

Use tags to boost your bottom line

Create custom tags to be assigned at purchase, then use tag lists to send promotions to specific customer groups.

Get classes in front of the right people

The Karmasoft Platform can help market your studio to a wider audience and get your classes, workshops, and products to a greater community of yogis.

Live Class Calendar

Make scheduling easier with flexible assignments and direct links to your live studio calendar. Teachers can manage schedules, request and find subs, and track work history.

Social Media Posting

Take ownership of your brand and turn your class schedule into social media posts. Classes can be automatically posted so your social presence stays active, even when you’re in Shavasana.

Actionable Reports

Get all essential data, export sales reports into an Excel-compatible format, and turn marketing reports into targeted email campaigns.

Email and SMS Notifications

Set Karmasoft to send your students and staff automatic notifications to confirm class bookings or other events via email and SMS messages.

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Are you ready to transform your studio?

Karmasoft was designed by real studio owners, who know what it’s like to run busy studios in a city that never sleeps. That’s why our software puts your business first, giving you the tools to simplify your daily operations and increase profit margins, whether it’s your first day or you’ve been open for 20 years.

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