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Simple Time Management Tips for Yoga & Gym Business Owners


You are doing what some may have deemed impossible managing a yoga/gym studio! You are running your business in the way that you know how. However, managing a business isn’t always easy. So what can you do to ensure you run it the best way possible?

The best way to manage your business is by managing your time. If you don’t manage your time wisely, you may overwork yourself, time may be wasted, and over-exertion can become a problem. Knowing simple time management tips will save you time, overworking, overthinking, and much more.


Prioritize Tasks

When managing a yoga/gym, you must prioritize your tasks. When you don’t, you are all over the place. When you prioritize, you focus on one thing at a time. As a result, you are more likely to complete one task at a time instead of multiple times. Think of prioritizing your tasks as simultaneously taking too many groceries up a flight of stairs. It’s exhausting, frustrating, overwhelming, and may result in mistakes.

Create a To-Do Lists

One perfect way to prioritize your tasks is to create a to-do list. This allows you to organize your thoughts. This is also a way to get everything out of your head and on paper/a device. There is something about seeing what you need to do instead of thinking and only stressing about it.

When everything is laid out, look at everything. What needs to be done for your business? What a wait and what needs to be done immediately? Are all these tasks done by you or your team? Make time to create a to-do list. This is an effective way to improve time management.

Set Realistic Deadlines

Setting realistic deadlines can be a challenging time management hack for most owners. This is the case for many since many aren’t realistic with their time or deadlines. Everyone wants it to be done now while having tip-top quality and little mistakes. This approach is unrealistic and could result in unnecessary stress.

So look at everything on your to-do list, one task at a time. Then, take a bigger look at each task and consider everything that goes into completing it. Ideally? How long will this take, and can more than one person do this task? Once you look at the tasks closely, create a realistic deadline and ensure you get a second look or ensure your team is on board.

Delegate Tasks Whenever Possible

You cannot manage this yoga/gym studio alone, so please don’t try. Brilliance comes in numbers. You’ve created the to-do list and realistic deadlines, so now what? Now you must delegate tasks whenever possible. Even if you can do everything on that list with your eyes closed, don’t! You must allow others to help to improve your time management, or you’ll have no time.


Take Breaks

Great, so you’ve prioritized your tasks! Already you are learning the importance of time management while improving your time management at the same time. Now we must take breaks. Do you know that part of the day when you don’t think of your business and do other meaningful things like eat, sleep, or relax?

Some of you work during breaks or simply skip your breaks. Perhaps you think that shortening breaks or cutting them saves you time and improves your business, but in actuality, you’re not. When you don’t take breaks, you make poorer decisions, exhaustion becomes real, and your business is viable for more mistakes.

Schedule Regular Breaks

Whether you struggle with taking breaks or not, schedule breaks for yourself the way you schedule breaks for your employees. Just because you are a boss doesn’t mean you have to be one every second of the day. Instead, schedule a lunch break and two smaller breaks for yourself. If not for yourself, do it for your yoga/gym studio. This will make your approach to tasks refreshing and more at ease. Try it.

Take Time Off

Take time off. Many millionaires and billionaires take this approach, so there must be some reasoning behind it. Look at the year. Look at all the events, renovations, orders, and more. Then find time to take time off. Give your team your time off plans. Do what you have to do as an owner to make sure your business runs without you there so you can enjoy your time off.

When you take time off from anything, you give yourself time to reflect, relax, create, and even invent. So think of this time off as another benefit for your business. Oh, all the ideas you’ll have when you return with a refreshed mind!

Engage in Self-Care Activities

There is improvement in time management when you engage in self-care. Unfortunately, many owners may overlook this and see it as a waste of time. It’s not. Think of it as you trying to help someone put their oxygen mask on during rough air turbulence yet you have no oxygen mask on yourself. And as a result, both of you have no oxygen, and both of you lose. The same goes for you. How can you manage a business if you can’t manage yourself? Self-care activities give you the time to unwind, relax and gain clarity. Your tasks and business are going nowhere, so you owe it to yourself to engage in self-care activities.


Utilize Technology Tools

The last simple time management tip I want to share is your options for utilizing technology tools. Whether you are a fan of technology or not, it helps and improves businesses. In addition, technology is not going anywhere anytime soon. No business can function without some technical engagement. Not Tech savvy, no problems. Karmasoft may be what you need.

Time Tracking Apps

When managing your business, you need an app that keeps track of schedules, events, classes, and more. Karmasoft is a software that will improve time management by keeping track of your schedules, events, in-person and on-demand classes, and so much more. Don’t stress yourself out or use software that isn’t easy to use. Try Karmasoft instead.

Productivity Apps

You need a productive app that manages your yoga/gym studio to its optimum capacity. Karmasoft has features that do just this. No matter what kind of device you or your employees use, Karmasoft is user-friendly, making your experience efficient. You can access schedules, emails, calendaring, to-do lists, events, reminders, spreadsheets, and more. Productivity is vital to simple time management.

Automation Tools

You need automation tools to save you time too. Karmasoft does this by offering automatic payroll for your employees, studio performance reports, event reminders, and more. Karmasoft is here to minimize the need for your input and can be used in several ways. Turn repeatable, time-consuming tasks into automated actions.

Understanding the importance of time management and practicing it is a must when running a successful business, and it doesn’t have to be challenging or stressful. When you better manage your time, you give your business the space to reach and run at its fullest potential. So, start today! Get your team together and get the ball running. Prioritize your time management and utilize tools like Karmasoft for your business operations.