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How to Practice Mindfullness at your yoga studio


Read the 4 tips below from expert yoga studio managers to make YOUR studio's mindful practice invalueble to your students - all while keeping your cool.

Be the Example

The best way to encourage mindful behavior from your students is to practice it yourself. The best yoga studio managers train their teachers and front desk staff to smile and greet each student who walks in - no matter what how (and we know it gets crazy 5 minutes before class starts - let us help you with that too). Students who feel welcome will spread that joy around - to your other students, and by word-of-mouth and Yelp reviews.

Set the Tone

The right balance of discipline and care creates an atmosphere of sanctuary at your studio. You can provide a respite from the chaos of everyday life, and a training ground for mindfullness - as long as you hold your students accountable for their behavior. Treat every student as if you already see the best in them, even if they are acting up or being careless. By seeing them as already achieving their goals, you help them get there. Expect your students to be their highest selves - and treat your staff and studio with the highest respect!

I Saw the Sign

As hard as you try, you can't be everywhere at once. So let your studio decorations take some of the burden: get our free Yoga Studio Etiquette poster for your changing room and studio doors. Another helpful tip: train your teachers to make an announcement at the end of class about where to put their dirty laundry and tip toeing out of the room!

And I See the Bigger Picture, too

Challenges you face as a yoga studio manager will test your patience and ability to be mindful in the moment. We all get frustrated and make mistakes. But just like your yoga practice, the goal isn't achieving static perfection but about how mindful you are as you practice. Take a breath, re-focus and re-commit to your practice as a mindful manager.

Mindfulness practice in your yoga business only gets easier from here!