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5 Top Self-Care Tips You Need as a Business Owner


You are running a successful yoga business, but you find it hard to find a little downtime. You are constantly stressed. Your work phone is always going off. And don’t even get started on your personal life. There just aren’t enough hours in a day to check everything off your list. Let alone make time for self-care.

Besides, the first few years of running a business are all work and no play, right? WRONG! No matter what stage you are in running a business, there is always room for self-care. Because without you there is no business to run! 

When you think of self-care, do your think of treating yourself to dinner? What about getting your hair done or getting your hair cut? How about going on a shopping spree or going to a  sports bar? As lovely as these examples are, they aren’t precisely “self-care.” So what is self-care and what are some tips you can use to run a successful fitness business? 

Self-care can mean different things to everybody. The main goal of self-care is to maintain a  healthy relationship with yourself so that you can be available for others and your business. You are doing things to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. This will look different for all of you. But the main goal is to have an idea of what self-care looks like for you. Here are some tips to help you figure out what that looks like. 


1. Create a Healthy Workspace

You are a successful fitness business owner. What does success look like to you? What does it feel like? Well, how do you expect to live out these answers if you aren’t working in a healthy workspace? 

If you currently don’t have one, stop everything you are doing and create one! No matter if you are running a multiple yoga studios, A small yoga studio , a home studio, or just live stream classes. It is crucial for you. 

Solution: Buy/build furniture that supports good posture. Surround yourself with people/quotes/objects that inspire you. Whether you hire a team or work alone, create a diverse workspace. If you are unsure how to do something, hire someone skilled at it instead of pulling your hair out. Listen to music. Let natural light in. Eliminate clutter and make sure you get active or have the space to get active. 


2. Get Quality Sleep

I know, I know, this may sound cliché, but it is very much needed if you plan on feeling your best, looking your best, and doing your best. It would be best if you had at least seven hours or more as an adult. This means cooking and eating your dinner a  little earlier than usual. This means less Netflix binging and working out a little earlier too.

Solution: During that hour or so before bed, wind down, lower your lights and quiet down your home. Choose a time to shut down all electronic devices and stick to it. If it takes you a long time to fall asleep, carve out an extra thirty minutes before bed to ensure you are getting all seven hours or more. Quality sleep is a must as a business owner. 


3. Nourish Your Body

You only get one of those, so you must eat well and exercise if you want to run a successful business. When you take great care of your body, your body will take even better care of you. 

Don’t have time to eat well? Then meal prep. There are so many easy ways you can prep and pack your meals. You will save a ton of money by meal prepping, but you will feel so much better. 


  1. Pick a day to shop and prepare everything. 
  2. Place everything in a container, and pack it in the fridge, so you are eating the best while doing your best for your business. 
  3. Set aside thirty minutes at least three times a week and work out from home or at a gym with a friend. 

Eating well and getting the exercise you need will ensure a productive business. 


4. You-Time

DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOU! Whatever this looks like for you, be sure to take at least ten minutes out of your day and do something just for you. Go for a walk, take a  drive, play a game on your phone, rest your eyes, meditate, do a ten-minute yoga practice, and watch inspiring videos. You know what you like. 

Solution: Try and carve out some time to do it every day. YES, every day. This life is yours to enjoy, not work away. So yes, you can give yourself at least ten minutes where you are not answering phone calls, responding to emails, and not tending to your business. What does treating yourself really look like? 


5. Be in the Moment

Because in the end, the moment is all you have. Not the future and no, unfortunately, not the past. 

  • What does the air smell like? 

  • How does the surface underneath your fingertips feel? 

  • What do you see and how does it make you feel? 

  • What do you hear? 

  • What does your food taste like when you are eating or snacking throughout your day?

Solution: You see how you answered these questions? You were in the moment. And the beauty of living like this is that you always see the beauty in living, no matter the kind of day you are having. 

Self-care looks different for all of us, especially as business owners. We are so busy running our business that we make no time to “run” ourselves. When we get like this, it is crucial to take a  step back and realize that there is no business if there is no us.  

So implement the tips above into your life. Make these tips your own. Jot some of these things down to look back and see how the tips positively impacted your life and your business. I  challenge you to immediately pick a tip and apply it to your business schedule. How does it feel?  You got this!