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Taking Charge of your Marketing Goals


Marketing can be condensed to five words: attracting clients to your brand. Yoga studios have traditionally looked to the artfully created flyer as their brand vehicle. Yoga studio owners have also found that not everyone who passes by their studio window stops to read the message, or if they do, they don't have time to stop and jot down the date and time of the class that interests them.

Flyers left in coffee shops or bookstores may result in takers but who's to say when they actually take a serious look. If too much time passes, the information may be outdated.

That brings us to the need to constantly update, make, and distribute new flyers, for one of the cardinal rules of marketing is it has to be ongoing and consistent. This takes time and, for the small or new yoga studio, that's time you could be spending on the mat.

There is a way, however, to market your message, keep it current, and put it in front of returning and prospective future clients without ever leaving the studio.

Using yoga software means that now you have a way of taking charge of your marketing goals, using e-mail marketing and social connectivity. Unlike one-size-fits-all flyers, e-mails can be personalized.

Marketing Reports

All your marketing reports should double as targeted email campaigns. Once you have selected your target audience, send them an email with a click.

Email Marketing

Once you've created your message make sure to include at least two call-to-action links, possibly even a quick poll question. Keeping your clients connected with your brand is a great way to build community.

Social Connectivity

Since one of your goals in marketing is to generate word-of-mouth buzz, which in this day and age means word-of-screen buzz, yoga software's social connectivity is today's equivalent of a megaphone. Students enjoy taking classes with those they've come to know in your studio. Share your class schedule weekly on your social media.

Auto Notifications

Yes, marketing is about bringing in new business but it's also about retaining students you already have. Create an engaging welcoming, expiration alert, absent message can help you keep your current students, current in their practice. In addition to automated notifications, it's a great ideal to create email sequences that are triggered when the student purchase a particular package or membership.

We know that while you need to focus on attracting new students, you also need to share mat-time with current ones - that's why we created Karmasoft.