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Hot Yoga Today: Turning up the Heat


Hot yoga, a full-body workout from the inside out, “head to toe/bones to skin,” is magnetically attractive to a culture where body image is equated with love, fame, and even happiness. People are flocking to the hot room by the thousands. From to classic 26 asana series to new inventive sequences answering our quest for physical beauty and health.

But like any yoga practice, there is more to hot yoga than meets the eye. Hot yoga originates from a spiritual lineage whose ultimate goal is self-realization. Promoted as a workout, your 90 or 60 minutes of sweat, breath, and stretch sculpt a razor-sharp mind and a burgeoning spiritual self.

“Yoga to break down walls between people and nations, men and women, east and west,” It's now an accepted truth that yoga unveiling our own power to heal broken bodies and minds.

Why not?

Practicing yoga in a ferociously heated/humidified room facilitates deeper stretch, detox, mental strength, and healing, for all levels.

Hot Yoga Innovators heat up the West

Many of today’s hot yoga innovators individualize traditional hot yoga series; blending lineages to create hot yoga hybrids. Hot yoga continues to grow in this fertile soil, using the common denominator of heat to satiate our craving for detox.

Thanks to the tremendous work of yoga teachers worldwide, you can now find a yoga class almost anywhere you live.

Many yoga studios are now offering teacher training sessions in their specific method of yoga, making yoga available to more people in more places.

As teachers, studio owners, and yogis, you also contribute to modern yoga culture – whether carrying on a lineage or trying new ideas. At Karmasoft, we aim to support your yoga studio, so you can continue to create space for yoga to grow.