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5 Tips to Convert New Students into Loyal Customers


The key to yoga studio success is creating a warm, welcoming environment for every student who walks in the door - the moment they walk in the door.

First impressions are the best chance to build lifelong students and create glowing reviews for your studio.

If a student feels welcome in your yoga studio, then they will want to come back and bring their friends and family. Wouldn't you?

Everyone that walks through your front door is a potential loyal customer, no matter how inflexible, injured or unsure they are at first. Put yourself in the mindset of those first-timers: You've never done yoga before, you may be nervous and taking a big risk just by showing up.

So how do you reach those new students and give them that extra attention that keeps them coming back for more?

Read below for 5 Best Practices for welcoming new students, converting them from first yoga class to loyal, returning customers.


1. Design Your Space

Be meticulous about what customers first see when they first walk in the door. Decorate the space with inspiring materials, deliberate color schemes, and information about your studio offerings. Furnish the front room in a way that encourages people to move through your check in process comfortably. Ask yourself why students come to your yoga studio - is it to relax and de-stress? To socialize? To challenge themselves? Design your studio around these goals and the atmosphere that best serves your students.

2. Train Your Front Desk Staff

ALWAYS have someone present to welcome customers, either behind a front desk or ready with an iPad for check-in. Your front desk staff should always make eye contact and engage customers with welcoming dialogue, guiding them effortlessly. How a student feels when they leave your studio is also important - have someone waiting to chat with them after class. If a student has a question or concern that your front desk staff can't answer, have a card with the owner/manager's email so students feel that their concerns are important and they can get answers quickly.

3. A Smile Is Worth 1,000 Words

First impressions happen instantaneously, there is nothing more important than that first smile from the teacher or front desk staff, to create a happy customer that will buy your class packages or write a great review on Yelp. Smile and connect...we can't emphasize this enough!

4. Show New Students Around

Anticipate basic questions about your studio layout by preparing a tour addressing where to put shoes, where valuables will be safe, where the changing rooms/bathrooms are, how to orient the yoga mat in the room, etc. Be available to answer any additional questions or concerns with maximum patience and friendly demeanor. This can all be communicated from behind the front desk, or by taking students around the studio.

5. Offer a New Student Introductory Special

Make this new student special the best deal you offer, reward them for taking the risk and trying your studio with an unbeatable bargain. The most effective new student introductory specials allow students to feel comfortable with the level of commitment while converting them into regular customers by encouraging them to attend class often.

Yoga is for every body, and using these tips you will be able to meet every student at their own level, and welcome them on their yoga journey. Now you can create the perfect environment to turn new students into loyal customers, the next step is to create the most effective New Student Specials!