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5 Popular Fitness Events to Generate New Business

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No matter where you are as a fitness gym owner, you should always find ways to expand your business. If you keep everything the same, you may lose some of your gym members, lose to your competition, or your gym might not stand out. This can be easily avoided if you plan and execute popular fitness events to generate new business.



Why should you be hosting popular fitness events?

So, you know why you should host fitness events for your gym. Now you are wondering what five popular events your gym can host while it’s still warm outside are? Depending on the niche and geographical location of your gym, consider the following.


1. Health, Fitness, or Meditation Retreats

You are more than likely to have members who come from diverse backgrounds. Some of your members will be those who will seek getaways. What better way of hosting retreats throughout the year? You will determine where and how long, or you can survey your members and let them decide. Either way, retreats are a great way to bring new business to your gym.

As you decide where and when you host these retreats, include health and fitness examples such as hiking or canoeing, and see how many people are willing to sign up and attend your popular fitness events.


2. Family Fitness Fun Day

This is a perfect event for those of your family-oriented members. Having a family can be time- consuming and get in the way of fitness goals. Incorporating family events allows members to be with family while achieving their fitness goals. Don't forget to include fun workout competitions as a plus.

You determine how many family fitness fun days you host. Include games and workouts for all ages and all levels. This specific event is excellent to have during the warmer seasons. Some activities and exercises should include obstacle courses, yoga with animals, and more.


3. Host a Run/Marathon

To those in your gym who are runners, this is a great event for them. Don’t get me wrong, your members don’t have to be track stars or professional runners to attend these events; however, those who run for fun (or for a cause) will appreciate this. Try hosting a fitness competition for beginners who aren't experienced runners.

There are a number of themes you can go for. Depending on your gym’s niche and where your gym is located, this will help in choosing which. You can host something like Tough Mudder Series, Zombie runs, Color runs, flash mobs, and more. Make this event yours and make it benefit your business.


4. Host a Rare Class You Normally Don’t

To host something rare may too be broad for some of you. So, base this popular event on a holiday or on specific time of the year.

For example, not all of you have a pool or a huge gym. That’s okay. The goal here is for you to host something you usually don’t offer. You do have classes and programs that you offer your members. So host something you and them aren’t used to.

Host a water aerobics class if you don’t do so normally. See if this attracts both current and new members to your gym. This can be a week-long event where you hire a teacher who can teach the class and offer safety precautions.

Host yoga classes if you usually don’t. There are plenty of yoga studios and instructors willing to partner with you if you don’t have yoga classes. For example, host a yoga class for mothers, or host a yoga class for teens or athletes. Again, make this yours and see what it brings you.


5. Bootcamp/Yoga "Camp" Day

You probably have a boot camp program or maybe even yoga classes. This is great. However, you can take this idea much further. Get creative and host an event like Bootcamp and brunch, or yoga and frozen yogurt day. The goal of this event can be to host something you have never offered or take what you already have and expand on it.

Earlier I mentioned yoga with animals (refer to family fun day). You may offer a variety of yoga classes at your gym; however, if you host an event or a fundraiser involving yoga, some fitness ideas can be partnering up with a shelter or pet shop in your area. So incorporate yoga with animals and see how much new business your event will bring you and whoever you partner with.

Hosting popular fitness events is a fun way to bring new business to your gym. Both new and current members will appreciate you for hosting events that fit your niche and your location. If you do decide to explore other niches, test it within an event and see how it goes.

Don’t be afraid to partner with local businesses, and don’t be afraid to sponsor events within your community Nothing is ever supposed to stay the same. So which even are you going you try as your business expands?