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How to Build a Cohesive Team that Shares your Vision


No matter the size of your fitness/yoga business, building a cohesive team that shares your vision is critical. You must build a team that shares your vision or you'll have a difficult time achieving this vision.

First off, you cannot do it alone, so get that out of your head. Secondly, it takes more than decent resumes, outstanding interviews, and employing the right individuals.

If you don’t cohesively build a strong team who shares your vision, your business will suffer financially, and bridges may be burnt. To avoid such chaos, you must find a way to build a team that sees what you see for your business. So, how exactly do you build a team that shares your vision?

Assuming that you have already hired a fantastic team for your business, you need a business plan. However, if you're forming your business and haven’t formed a team yet, stay tuned, there will be a section just for you.

You know your business better than anyone, correct? Now it’s your job to make sure your team understands what you want to accomplish. Before we dive deep into what it takes to build this desired team of yours, ask yourself this:

  1. Have you made a clear business plan (answering where your business is going and how it’s getting there)?
  2. Do you have a clear understanding of your business plan?
  3. Does this plan need to be updated or revisited in anyway?

Now that you have answered the questions listed above, what does it take to build a cohesive team that shares your vision?


Hiring the Right Employees For Your Team

This is for those of you who have not hired a cohesive team that shares your vision yet.

As stated before, you know your business better than anyone. You should have defined your business culture, written up a business plan, and had a clear goal (both big and small) set in stone. Please refer to our blog post: How to create business plans for new business owners.

If you do, find people who fit your vision. If you have a small budget starting, it is okay to have a small team. Be sure to find like-minded individuals who exemplify your business culture (preferably not family or friends, but someone who sees your vision and wants to add to it).

Hire realistic optimists who have the energy to execute your vision. By hiring an optimist, you will hear the good things that they will attribute to your team, AND they will show you too. On the other hand, do not hire someone inconsistent in their words/actions, who do not respect your time and does not share your vision.

Lastly, when hiring your team members, be evident that everyone contributes to the success of your business. Everyone should be bringing their best to their roles every single day. Hire people who bring out the best in you and your business. Read our blog post on: How to Hire Great Yoga Instructors.


Knowing Your Team

Forming a team is just the beginning of it. Getting to know your team is just as crucial as hiring one. No matter the size of your team, you all should get to know each other.

  • Are everyone's roles clear?
  • Is everyone aware that no role is more important than the other; all roles are equally important?
  • What are some of the individual's strengths?
  • What are some of their weaknesses?

Everyone comes from different backgrounds and everyone has something unique to offer your business. EMBRACE THIS!

In the same way, focus on your team's similarities. You must focus on your team’s diversity for them to share your vision. Hiring similar personalities would bring no creativity or outlook to your vision. Focusing on what makes every individual different will diversify your business and open it in ways you could never think of. What one person lacks, the other person may know thereof.


  • Communicate with your team by establishing expectations with them from day one.
  • Be transparent when communicating and be open-minded as well.
  • Assume that people want to know. If things are left unsaid, this can lead to a stressful work environment, resentment, and poor performance. Tension can and will be felt.

These tips are crucial for building a cohesive team that shares your vison.


Value Your Team

There is no business or shared vision without your team. To build a cohesive team that shares your values, you must value those who make your team and respect them. You may own the business and/or manage it, but their role is equally important as yours, so respect it. Do not disregard new and seasoned members of your team. A team that is honored and respected for its unique gifts is more likely to execute your vision.

Recognize their value through the diversity they add to your business. Without diverse perspectives, diverse personalities, and diverse actions towards your vision, your business will be bland and very flat. Diversity encourages innovation and what drives a successful team. Value this with each member of your team.

If you struggle with finding value in your team, consider some team-building exercises. Team exercises will form a strong team AND maintain an even stronger team. For more tips on team-building exercises, look at our blog.


Celebrate the Small Wins. Big Wins, and Even the Failures

You are who made this cohesive team that shares your vision, so to build an even stronger one, you must motivate them with your positivity and optimism. Be that sticky stuff that keeps your team together.

Look at ways to reward good work. By doing this, you let them know that you value them and their work. You must celebrate the small wins just as much as you celebrate the big wins. Even when an idea didn’t work, or your vision didn’t turn out quite right, celebrate the hard work and intention that went into it.

Celebrating ensures future success and wins. It motivates individuals to give it their all, be there for the long hall, and execute your vision. Celebrating strengthen your team. You have a stronger chance of achieving your every vision with a strong team.

Every business owner needs a cohesive team that shares their vision. Without one, their business may fail and cost them a lot financially. To avoid such outcomes, it is essential that you not only hire the right people for your team but build a strong team so your visions may be executed and your business can expand and endure much, much, much, success.

Alaze Clausell